• What is The Difference Between Diesel and Gas Engines?

    Tuesday 01 May 2018

    If you are in the market for a new pickup, you may be wondering which type to choose. Do you go for a gasoline or diesel fuel powered engine? So what is the difference between diesel and gas engines? Here we will break down the differences and similarities between the two so that you can make an informed decision. Diesel and gasoline powered engines are more alike than you might think. There are significant chemical differences between the two fuels, however, how the engines c... read more

  • The Top 7 Diesel Pickup Truck Maintenance Tips

    Tuesday 10 April 2018

    Diesel pickup truck owners know, maintaining a diesel engine is not the same as maintaining a gasoline-powered engine. There are multiple differences between the two. For example, diesel engines don’t use electrical parts in the ignition, nor do they have moving parts -such as distributor rotors- that are easily worn down. These differences make it slightly less expensive to maintain a diesel engine. However, like gasoline-powered engines, diesel engines need regular maintenance. The follo... read more

  • What Diesel Drivers Should Know About Glow Plugs

    Wednesday 07 February 2018

    When it comes to maintaining your diesel pickup, there are some things you will have to consider with a diesel that you do not with a gas-powered pickup. One such consideration is the glow plug. What is A Glow Plug? To start, a diesel engine requires the help of glow plugs. A glow plug produces the heat that is necessary for a diesel engine to start, run, and function optimally- especially in colder weather conditions. However, it isn’t only cold weather that strips away the heat that is... read more

  • 3 Tips to Keep Your Diesel PIckup Running in the Cold Weather

    Monday 11 December 2017

    Your diesel pickup is a workhorse that you count on every day for its ability to get the heavy-duty jobs done. However, cold weather can have a significant impact on your diesel engine.  Here’s what you need to know.   Higher temperatures are required to fire diesel fuel, so in colder weather, diesels have always been harder to start than vehicles that run on gasoline. Temperatures below 40°F can cause diesel fuel thicken, which is known as “gelling” or “wa... read more

  • Why You Should Rethink Changing Your Own Oil

    Thursday 24 August 2017

    Oil is extremely important to the well-being of your vehicle. In fact, it is often referred to as the vehicle’s life blood. Regular oil changes are crucial to the condition of your vehicle. They keep your vehicle operating newer longer.  Motor oil is responsible for three vital functions in the engine: It keeps the engine lubricated to keep the parts moving smoothly. It helps to prevent overheating by reducing friction and absorbing heat naturally produced by the en... read more

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